Here's what clients are saying...

"We're a square meal-type family. We eat healthy, fresh food most of the time, but I've been buying the same things again and again without exploring if there might be a healthier option. Tamra's Pantry Makeover was exactly on target. No judgement, only inspiration. She knows all the latest research on nutrition and gave me simple guidelines on how to stock up on food that is a healthy, pure, easy to find and yummy. Together, we tossed the few things that had to go, switched out the handful of crackers, cookies, cereals, etc. for more healthy options and focused on a few things I could easily whip up myself that would make a big difference for my family's longterm health. Tamra is a terrific mom who understands the realities of a busy life - and she showed me exactly where a small amount of focused attention could make a big difference in what my family eats. HUGE thanks!" - L. Reynolds

Last night when I sat down to dinner with my husband and two young children, all four of us were eating the SAME meal - wild caught salmon (simply cooked), spinach sautéed with garlic and onion, and fresh watermelon and mango for dessert. It sounds so basic -- but this NEVER would have happened six months ago!

When I first started working with Tamra, I often found myself wandering around the grocery store without a plan, and I always made separate "kid food" meals for my kids. I never really read food ingredient labels the right way or paid much attention to what I was putting into my body. My pantry and refrigerator were a mess, and they were filled with things that weren't really worth eating.

Tamra provided me with a number of great meal ideas and snack options (for both me and the kids), as well as helped me figure out how to plan and shop for an entire week's worth of meals for my family. She also is armed with a wealth of knowledge on food and nutrition that has made me so much more aware of what I am eating. Not only have I already learned so much from her, I now have the tools that will allow me to make smarter and more informed choices in the future.

Tamra has given us a great framework for how to incorporate healthy eating and make better, smarter choices. Thank you! - Erica

"Thank you, Tamra! I really learned a lot at the workshop and so appreciate that evening! The next day I told my family that we were going to start having less sugar and we put a few new rules in place, played a guessing game about which cereals had the highest and lowest sugar in them (holy crap, Raisin Bran has 18 g!) and bought a number of different products at Trader Joe’s. I am definitely reading labels more and much more cognizant of trying to pick lower sugar items, and just trying to use honey and maple syrup to sweeten things. " -Elayne

"A few months ago before I started working with Tamra, I was exhausted all the time, no energy and not sleeping well!  Her sessions helped me change all that. I learned more in one hour than I've learned in my life. She gives you an entire eating plan based on your exact needs and teaches you why your body reacts to certain foods or practices.

She helped me focus on opportunities for change rather than to settle for the same old habits that didn’t produce results. I cut out a lot of hidden sugars (and all artificial sweeteners) and added more much needed nutrients. I have less energy crashes and have lost some weight. I finally feel like I am keeping my goals and moving forward! Tamra’s expertise, commitment, availability and genuineness brought out the best in me and my approach to health & wellness. I highly recommend working with Tamra!" - Letty Burgoon

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